Who is conducting the ground and surface water sampling?

Water sampling is conducted Quarterly by a trained environmental officer.

Does the public have access to the collected results?

Results will be available through the relevant Government Departments and the website.

Is environmental information available to the community?

Yes. Our water monitoring information is available to the Community Reference Group and on our website.

What happens with the sediment and paunch material from the water treatment plant?

Sediment from the water treatment plant is removed and disposed of as solids.

What happens with the manure?

Manure is dried and then sent off site to be used as fertiliser.

What will be gamba grass policy for the site?

Our policy is to completely eradicate gamba grass from the site over the long term. This involves use of lashing, grazing and herbicides. We have had good early success.

If you are going to get rid of the gamba grass, what will cattle feed on?

Tully, Jarrah and other native grasses. We also produce hay which is used in our transit facilities.

Can the community be informed when aerial weed spraying is being carried out?

We use aerial sprays as a normal part of our land management practices and will provide notices of spraying activities close to boundaries on the website. Be aware that there are other properties in the area that also conduct weed spraying and we are not in a position to let the public know about them.

Where is the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) up to?

The $8.5 million upgrade of the WWTP is nearing completion and will be commissioned in August.




How many cattle will be on site at any one time and how will you ensure they do not escape into neighbouring properties?

There will be a maximum of 2000 cattle within the controlled area of the facility at any one time. They are held in very secure yards.

Will local people be able to get their animals processed at the facility?


Will the processed beef be sold locally?

Yes, but mainly for export.

How much processing of cattle hides will take place on site?

The hides will be salted on site and exported for tanning.

Do you have established markets for the hides?

Yes. There is no shortage of markets for hides.